Congratulations to 10 years at SoCom

From the left: Wolfgang Faist, Daniel Vogler

During this year's Christmas party Mr. Daniel Vogler was honored for ten years of dedication, solidarity and loyalty to the company.

"In a young company with a company history of only 26 years, a ten-year seniority is quite remarkable. You basically write a big piece of the company's story," says Mr. Faist, CEO of SoCom Informationssysteme GmbH. Faist emphasized that he is an important employee in the helpdesk area and he thanked him for his tireless dedication and loyalty to the company. As a sign of appreciation and to express his thanks Mr. Vogler received a certificate and a gift basket.

Thanks to his specialist knowledge and many years of experience, Mr. Vogler makes a decisive contribution to the success of SoCom Informationssysteme GmbH. We would like to thank Mr. Vogler again for his successful work over the past years and look forward to many more years together!