About SoCom

SoCom is "the" software specialist in the textile care sector. With TIKOS, the fully fledged ERP system, we offer a modular solution for comprehensive process management. This solution is ideal for large as well as smaller businesses. Our software is based on a consistent concept, which will integrate seamlessly into your production process and all other workflows. Despite increasing complexity we uphold the clear structure and simple usability. Maximum profitability, transparency and planning security – with TIKOS as a whole, we offer our customers completely new possibilities to secure the company's economic success.

Laundry 4.0 – Innovative and practice-oriented

Numerous app and web solutions round off the range of TIKOS offers. We develop this IT solution on a continual basis drawing on the very latest technologies. Numerous laundries from all over the world place their trust in TIKOS. Our aim is to strengthen our nationally leading market position and to further expand internationally.