For dry cleaners
The multifunctional solution for dry cleaners
Expand your range of services
Take advantage of the numerous additional functions and inspire your customers with a high level of service
Individual configuration of user-interface
You can compile your own individual cash desk solution – depending on the requirements of your textile cleaning operation
Perfect integration to the ERP system TIKOS
Use the additional functions in TIKOS and thus optimise your workflow
TEKAS basic configuration
Connections to outlets via internet
  • Networked outlets
  • Central data administration
  • No permanent internet connection required

Individual user administration
  • Different levels of user rights
  • Log on with personnel card, chip or manual input of log on data
  • Capturing of work time

Various price lists and discounts
  • Customer-specific
  • Based on outlets
  • Time-controlled for discount promotions and special prices, e.g. "happy hour"
  • Discounts possible at article and customer level
  • Direct, manual input into the cash register

Remarks with additional remarks
  • Recording remarks via direct selection buttons or manually
  • Recording when receiving and during the entire treatment process
  • Printing remarks on slips
  • Specifying the costs for automatic additional accounting

  • High flexibility due to various payment combinations
  • Pre- and post payment, combination also possible
  • Cash or payment with debit card
  • Redemption of vouchers
  • Loyalty cards
  • Linkage to payment terminal via ZVT interface

Customer administration
  • Fast capturing of customers
  • Immediate display of customer data
  • Easy capturing of regular customers
  • Capturing of individual case in "occasional customers"
  • Saving prices and conditions

  • Printing of pick-up receipts, collective notes and item slips on Hydrofix paper
  • Optionally printing receipts with barcodes by a thermal transfer printer
  • Interim statement (X statement)
  • Daily statement (Z statement)
TEKAS additional functions
Offer your customers even more service with additional components from TEKAS.

This function gives you the option to automatically send text messages and / or emails when a job has been completed. Optionally, messages can be also be send for partially completed jobs. Messages for up to two reminder messages according to your selected time intervals. Any kind of texts possible for all types of messages.

The loyalty card is used to identify customers fast and easy. Up to three swipe cards can be defined per customers. Either existing cards of the customer (e.g. credit card, debit card etc.) or customised cards issued by the dry cleaning store. A credit balance can be topped up for each customer. Optionally, a higher value or a fix discount can be agreed.

Using this functionality individually designed subscription cards can be created (e.g. 12 shirts dry-cleaned for the price of 10). The customer pays a cheaper price for the processing of specific article type. How long and which articles are valid for the subscription, can be defined for each subscription card.

Vouchers with consecutive numbers can be created directly from the system. Optionally, you can use pre-printed vouchers. For this case, you can directly enter a voucher number to identify the voucher. Vouchers are redeemable in parts and can be used in all outlets. A history shows you all booking details of the voucher.

Individual price lists can be used for promotion prices and / or discounts for certain weeks and periods of time. The system then calculates the appropriate conditions.

By defining opening hours of a branch and a standard processing time, it is possible to calculate the pick-up time accurately to the hour. Alternatively you can correct the automatically calculated pick-up time when accepting the job. Pick-up times are printed on customer slips.

This function is used to assign predefined spots (e.g. red wine, grease, blood etc.) to the exact position of a cleaning item. To ease the follow-up inspection at the pre-sorting or ironing station, a pictogram shows the item with the assigned spots. The reference to specific stains remains even after picking up the job and is permanently traceable in the history.

A payment terminal for debit cards can be connected with TEKAS using the ZVT interface. It communicates directly with the terminal.

This feature allows the parallel usage of two cash drawers for two cashiers.

TEKAS additional programs
RFID marking

The RFID technology can be used to ensure a unique identification of certain articles. For this purpose a chip is permanently attached to each garment. Each garment can be assigned unique remarks such as manufacturer, colour and size. Certain processes can be automated by the RFID technology (e.g. autom. accept shirts). The complete article storage can be viewed per customer.


This particular workstation can be used as a pure pre-sorting station or for recording ironing hours at the ironing table. All cleaned items are identified via barcode or chip. During inspection of the item, it can be passed on for follow-up treatment. Otherwise the item is assigned to the pre-sorting, which is grouped by orders.

Terminal for distribution of clothes

In addition to the point-of-sale system, a specific output terminal can be used for high traffic stores. Only finished jobs can be distributed at this terminal. It is not possible to accept jobs or take charge of payments. 

Customer terminal for master data recording

At the customer terminal customers can fast and easily register their selves. A simple touch-screen interface is available for recording the key data.


Orders are completed and packed for collection at the end-sorting workstation. The order is assigned a position at the end-sorting belt. This storage position is then shown when collection an order.

Linkage to sorting belts and shelves

Automatic linkage by scanning barcodes and chips at pre-sorting and end-sorting.


Additional functions in combination with TIKOS
Our TIKOS modular software solution is a full ERP system for large laundry operators and for smaller textile cleaning companies. Of course, our TEKAS cash register solution is compatible with our TIKOS software. For your cash register solution, make use of additional components in TIKOS and thus increase your workflow.
  • Delivery note and collective billing
  • Various accounting interfaces
  • General price increases:
    by percent or amount
  • Statistic evaluations and reports
  • Collection points management
  • Sales articles with storage management
  • Claim management
  • Serial letter function
Made in Germany
Around 350 laundries throughout Europe rely on TIKOS – one of the leading laundry software solution for laundries and the textile rental business.
Our modular laundry software solution suits the demands of our customers and fits perfectly and highly flexible to the needs of modern industrial laundries.
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