production solutions
An innovative solution for recording production data and planning and controlling production
Production is measurably under control
Identify strengths and weaknesses in your operation and optimise your processes
Determine actual costs
With TEXPRO you can easily determine your costs per customer and product
Live production
Always an eye on your production rate – in the entire production area and on each single terminal
Laundry 4.0
Maximum profitability, transparency and planning reliability – TEXPRO paves the way for you to secure the long-term profitability of your operations, down to every individual process.
Production data acquisition
  • Manual acquisition of quantities and meter readings with different quantity units (e.g. piece, kg, cycles, litres, etc.)
  • Automated interfaces to transfer machine data and meter readings
  • Time recording of employees directly at the cost centres separated by shifts
  • Personnel deployment planning 


Performance visualisation
  • Different types of diagrams (tachometer, traffic lights, bar and column charts)
  • Combinable diagrams for each cost centre
  • Different data sources
  • Visualisation of manual data entries


Production planning and control
  • Fix washing plans with the possibility to reschedule them every day and to prioritise individual orders
  • Inventory management and detailed display of dirty laundry container
  • Individual production routes per item category
  • Tracking laundry trolleys and laundry nets


Bonus wages
  • Group or individual performance
  • Individual bonus hourly wages with validity
  • Training periods with percentage grading of required performance
  • Performance related machine malfunctions


Production data acquisition
TEXPRO uses the very latest automation and information technology to allow laundries to raise the efficiency of their equipment, safeguard quality and react quickly to market developments. To do so, they need a standalone production data acquisition system that provides them with key performance indicators on their operations.

TEXPRO production data acquisition gathers key performance data on current processes. To provide you with evaluations and analyses that are truly meaningful, the system records all readings and measurements and looks back at historical process data. All figures relating to processes and operating systems are then recorded directly for each cost centre or forwarded through a connected interface. This saves time and dovetails neatly with data sharing.

All operators working on machines log into a particular cost centre. This is to ensure that all working hours are captured and there are no data gaps. It also provides managers with meaningful staffing overviews. This makes it easy to rectify a situation if a particular cost centre is under- or over-resourced with staff. For a more detailed staff planning option, you can even view the effectiveness of individuals across a variety of cost centres and at different times of day.

Since TEXPRO allows you to match volumes or readings to a specific member of staff or cost centre, you can assess specific performance levels in real time. Also, thanks to features like actual volume logging it’s much easier to identify the causes of malfunctions or system weaknesses. All incidents can be stored and recorded over time under a particular cost centre. This can even include the reason for a malfunction and, if required, what measures were taken to deal with it. The result: your product quality is ensured.

Production planning and control
The module production planning and control contributes to transparent production operations. In this way, your processes can be optimised to the maximum and your employees are deployed efficiently.

All performance data can be displayed clearly and concisely – and it is always up-to-date. The system provides insights on the performance of operating materials and employees from any location at any time. When defined minimum performance requirements are not fulfilled, TEXPRO can automatically send out alert notifications via email.

You can provide staff with a bonus by capturing working hours and storing data on production volumes. The system allows you to set up measurements for group or individual performance. You can also lay down targets and record actual performances. This helps you capture any working hours that are eligible for a bonus and this can be linked to individual hourly wages and staff bonuses.

One of the biggest challenges in business is that suppliers are expected to meet the demands of their clients, so they need to provide a broad spectrum of products and they have to remain flexible – but at the same time their production has to be economically viable. The production planning and control features offered by TEXPRO provide you with new ways of optimising use of existing machines and resources. It quickly pinpoints weaknesses in production processes and helps you eradicate these weaknesses. Every single order can be tracked seamlessly and you can query the status of operations for any customer job or even map service routes.

Sudden and unexpected changes in daily laundry plans – who hasn’t had this happen to them? TEXPRO records all key data, so you have a complete overview of all processes at any given time. This makes it easy for you to quickly make changes in production and reschedule the rest of a daily plan. By fine-tuning sequences, you can significantly reduce the time needed to change setups or processes. You can also enjoy considerable savings in terms of staff requirements or storage levels. You can even optimise ad-hoc customer jobs and include them in new plans.

With TEXPRO you can generate individual daily laundry plans. These define the precise number and sequence of each customer job. Fixed plans made in advance for a specific batch or laundry job provide the basis for any subsequent processing steps. The system automatically activates or deactivates records for each cost centre. By scanning order slips or laundry trolleys, or if necessary entering each cost centre manually, all production jobs can be tracked throughout the entire production cycle, right from the original customer order through to delivery. The system lets you set up individual notifications for each production job or cost centre –a significant benefit when it comes to quality assurance. If items are being counted, delivery volumes can be recorded specifically for each cost centre. TIKOS then also takes care of issuing delivery notes. 

Made in Germany
Around 350 laundries throughout Europe rely on TIKOS – one of the leading laundry software solutions for laundries and the textile rental business.
Our modular laundry software solution suits the demands of our customers and fits perfectly and highly flexible to the needs of modern industrial laundries.
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