TEXPRO production solutions

Using the latest automation and information technology allows laundries to raise the efficiency of their production and enables them to ensure product quality and flexibly respond to market developments. With TEXPRO SoCom combines all applications for the collection and analysis of company-specific indicators, and to control all production processes.

With our TEXPRO data acquisition tool all relevant data from your current operating processes are collected. For meaningful analysis and evaluations count and measurement values are acquired and historical production data are used. All process and production data are directly recorded at the cost centres or even delivered by the machine via an interface. This saves time and prevents media disruptions.

All employees can directly log into a particular cost centre. This is to ensure that all working hours are captured without data gaps. It also provides managers with meaningful personnel overviews. Under- or over-staffing a cost centre can immediately be detected and easily be corrected. For a more detailed staff planning, the effectiveness of employees can be shown across a variety of cost centres for different times of a day.

Since the recorded amounts or meter readings can directly be assigned to an employee or a cost centre, a unique and real-time performance determination is possible. Also, thanks to features like actual volume logging, it's much easier to identify causes of malfunctions and weaknesses. As a result: This guarantees your product quality.

All disruptions on machines can directly be detected at the cost centres and be reported to the appropriate stations. These malfunctions are stored for each cost centre including failure reason and, if desired, they can be stored with the measures to correct the fault in a history.

  • Manual acquisition of quantities and meter readings with different quantity units (e.g. piece, kg, cycles, litres, etc.)
  • Automated interfaces to transfer machine data and meter readings
  • Time recording of employees directly at the cost centres separated by shifts
  • Personnel deployment planning
  • Machine malfunction with failure reason and trouble-shooting

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Companies must meet the customer's requirements for a large variety of products, they must be flexible and at the same time they must produce economically. TEXPRO offers new opportunities in the area of production planning and control, to make the best use of existing facilities and resources. Weaknesses in the production process can promptly be detected and eliminated. All orders are seamlessly tracked and the production status of each job, but also each delivery, are presented most transparent to the user.

Short-term changes of the daily washing routine is a common scenario. Due to the recording of all relevant data, you will get a comprehensive overview of all processes, and you can thus intervene in time and quickly perform production optimisations. With updated sequences, you can achieve significant savings in setup and machining times, personnel requirements and stocks. Short-term orders can be perfectly planned.

With TEXPRO you can generate your individual daily washing plan. The number of customer orders and its sequence can be scheduled. On the basis of the clearly defined sequence for a lot or a wash load beforehand, the subsequent processing steps are provided. Cost centres are automatically activated or deactivated. All lots can be tracked over the entire production process by scanning the orders or the laundry trolleys or by manually entering at each cost centre - from the customer up to the delivery. Individual message texts per production order and cost centre significantly contribute to quality assurance. Counted items can directly be recorded as delivered quantities at the cost centre. Writing delivery notes takes place in TIKOS.

  • Fix washing plans with the possibility to reschedule them every day and to prioritise individual orders
  • Inventory management and detailed display of dirty laundry container
  • Individual production routes per item category
  • Tracking laundry trolleys and laundry nets
  • Recording delivery quantities at the cost centres
  • Escalation management through target standard times
  • Quality assurance through individualised notification texts

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All performance data can be used in time, reduced in size and presented in a clear form. What's more, the performance of your equipment and your employees can be inspected at any time from any location. As soon as clearly defined performance limitations fall below, TEXPRO will automatically send an alert message via email.

Furthermore, all performance data can be visualised graphically. Therefore, tachometers, traffic lights as well as bar or column charts are used. All graphics can be combined for one cost centre (for example, performance per day, shift and current performance). To directly compare performance evaluations of several cost centres you can display them per screen side by side. Visualisation data can be used from different sources (for example performance, consumption, weights, malfunctions and staff availability). 

On request, it is possible to provide all evaluations over the Internet. Thus, these graphics can be accessed anywhere via computer, smartphone or tablet. 

  • Different types of diagrams (tachometer, traffic lights, bar and column charts)
  • Combinable diagrams for each cost centre
  • Different data sources
  • Visualisation of manual data entries

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You can provide staff with a bonus by capturing working hours and storing data on production volumes. The system allows you to set up measurements for group or individual performance. You can also lay down targets and record actuals. This helps you capture any working hours that are eligible for a bonus and this can be linked to individual hourly wages and staff bonuses.

Bonus limits (bonus performance in percent) can be recorded per cost centre. Optionally, machine malfunctions can be included to the performance. Staff training periods can be deposited with a percentage grading of the required performance.

  • Group or individual performance
  • Individual bonus hourly wages with validity
  • Training periods with percentage grading of required performance
  • Performance related machine malfunctions
  • Bonus limits for each cost centre

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