touch solutions
The universal registration system
Optimise workflows
Fast and easy registration of laundry batches at the goods-in department
High flexibility
Freely configurable, no more need to pre-sort and count items
Connection to a broad variety of labelling systems possible
TUNES universal registration
TUNES provides you with all the advantages of a general purpose, multifunctional tool for logging temporarily marked items. All items can be entered quickly and easily in incoming goods. They can also be counted independently. Bills can be issued automatically – and much more.

Intuitive and user-friendly

Navigate through the software via the touchscreen. The advantage of the touchscreen is that you get a clear overview of all key functions and items. You can also change the settings and decide which way you would prefer to run the system. How much easier could that be?

Track and trace individual laundry items

The software can be connected to a broad variety of laundry marking and labelling systems. To ensure you can track down individual items and make sure laundry gets sorted into the right lot of outgoing items, the system uses special barcodes. This eliminates the need to pre-sort laundry items. You can also identify exactly which remaining items are located where.



Made in Germany
Around 300 laundries throughout Europe rely on TIKOS – one of the leading laundry software solutions for laundries and the textile rental business.
Our modular laundry software solution suits the demands of our customers and fits perfectly and highly flexible to the needs of modern industrial laundries.
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