TUNES touch solutions

TUNES allows a fast and easy registration of soiled laundry batches at the goods-in department. The registration can take place at the marking machine or directly at the counter. TUNES is a tool that enables every simple registration process, independent article counting and a fully automated billing system. The software communicates with all kinds of laundry marking systems (Polymark, ThermoTex Ident etc.). Programme operations are carried out via touch screen.

TUNES can be implemented for the registration of all types of laundry. It is most often used for the goods-in registering of private and institutional wash and extremely effective for the registration of unmarked residential laundry (e.g. short term care). Furthermore, the counting of incoming rental laundry is simplified and reliable. The application has endless possibilities. In combination with a marking machine it is ensured that all incoming articles are not only recorded but are also marked. In the event that a customer may be registered with a permanent laundry-label, the user will be alerted.

Receipts can be printed with or without a price, depending on the desired requirements of the customer. Processing of laundry for private customers is also made much easier. The system automatically recognises whether a package price for multiple pieces (piece wash) needs to be calculated or an individual article price, and of course then which one is applicable. Different article types can be defined for different laundry groups. The article groups are shown as tabs on the screen, so switching from one article group to another is very easy. Articles can be placed into the desired tab. Thus the corresponding article is associated with the relevant tab. There is an unlimited number of tabs and thus an unlimited number of keys available for articles. Administration of TUNES workstations can be carried out from any of the PCs connected to the network.

An overview of the features of TUNES

  • Simplest registration via touch screen
  • Compatible with various laundry marking systems
  • Freely configurable article groups and article keys
  • Photo record of clothing
  • Remarks with automatic surcharge
  • Receipts with or without printed prices
  • Piece wash package price
  • Pre-sorting and counting not required
  • Discounts on article level
  • Flat rates for deliveries
  • Surcharge for small volume orders

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With the help of this functionality you can print barcode labels via a marking system (e.g. ThermoTex Ident2). Each item is uniquely identified. Afterwards, you can scan the barcode in TIKOS to complete an order and to sort it into a shelf system.