APPS mobile solutions


Mobile route management for laundries

Increase your efficiency and transparency with the specially developed route management app for dry cleanings.

The app is based on Android and features the high level of user-friendliness by numerous functions and settings that significantly improve laundry logistics. The associated web portal allows live tracking of your drivers and displays, besides numerous other evaluations, the current delivery status of each route.

Too much, too little or wrong containers loaded? Where has this not happened yet? The customer is annoyed and the containers must be delivered at a later stage. This can simply be a thing of the past with the TIKOS mobile route management. Containers can be registered directly in the vehicle with the mobile route manager. In addition, completeness and plausibility are checked during loading and unloading the vehicle.

Functions of the route management app

  • Container tracking during loading and unloading
  • History of all container scan times
  • Customer signature and assignment to delivery note
  • Cash payment directly from the customer 
  • Recording or correcting the number of exchanges for mats and roller towels
  • Dispatch quantities of mats and roller towels for the entire route
  • All important driver information accessible during route
  • Unique driver information per customer
  • Documentation of remarks incl. photos
  • Telephony and messaging
  • Automatic data synchronisation via wireless internet access
  • History of all performed routes
  • Recording driving times and resting times at the customer
  • Navigation 
  • Live tracking: tracking of routes and vehicles

Prerequisite: the module route management

The following modules are also recommended:

  • Container management

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Smart RFID scan app for high-speed inventories

The new texScan app combines a handheld RFID scanner with the smartphone via bluetooth.

The RFID scanner app is suitable for many applications and is a flexible multifunctional tool for recording quantities.

Increase efficiency and transparency as well as the flow of goods and information by mobile data acquisition via RFID.

Areas of RFID scan app

  • Conducting inventories
  • Acquiring goods
  • Inventory of facilities

Advantages of RFID scan app

  • Extremely fast recording of quantities
  • Perfect integration into TIKOS
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Latest technologies

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Laundry management within one app and within the cloud

Invest in the service quality of your laundry with the texOrder app and benefit from significantly increased efficiency.

The texOrder app allows you to record the quantities right there where they arise – which is usually at your customer's site. With this ordering app, you provide your customer with a smart application for independent recording of orders. The ordering app has been designed with clear menu structures and an intuitive user interface, so you are up and running with minimal training and familiarisation time.

The texOrder app is the ideal tool for laundries working for medical centres, hospitals as well as for gastronomy and the hotel industry. 

When starting the app, all order information recorded for one delivery day in TIKOS will immediately be transferred to your device. This ensures recording orders even without constant mobile network or wireless access – yet the app remains even offline a smart application for your customer.

Data obtained from your orders and inventories are immediately available in TIKOS after the recording is finished and can be processed there. 

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Improve service quality and range of products
  • Strengthen your image as a modern and innovative company
  • Optimise your ordering process and minimise errors when executing orders
  • Significant reduction of order times
  • Increasing the performance of your employees at the customer site
  • Execution of orders with the app from everywhere, as well as at the online portal

 The order app has the following characteristic features

  • Clearly arranged dashboard: all functions at a glance
  • Intuitive handling: no training required!
  • Good performance: no waiting and loading times, orders can be recorded extremely fast! 
  • Clear menu structure: fast switching between individual function, as well as a modern and attractive design

The functions at a glance

  • Data synchronisation via direct connection, WiFi, LAN or GPRS 
  • Quick barcode recording of ward and article
  • Multiple recordings per day and ward
  • Recording orders, deliveries and inventories
  • Automatic addition configurable
  • Plausibility check when entering date and ward
  • Correction and display of recorded data
  • Prerequisite: the modules rental flatwork and ward supply

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Universal product acquisition with individual management of your data

Increase the flexibility within your company with the universally applicable texUniScan app provided by SoCom.

The texUniScan app is based on Android and uses various standard modules. The app captures all barcodes and QR codes using a smartphone, tablet camera or external scanner and sends it directly to the TIKOS database. With the help of standardised as well as customer-specific modules the information is processed in TIKOS and sent back to the app. You decide what should be captured and reported by the app – this totally depends on your operational requirements. This means that the application of the texUniScan app is absolutely flexible.

Individually applicable

Parts can be quickly identified and for example linked together. Additionally, containers can be directly assigned to the respective customer and the corresponding delivery note. An inventory at your customers' site can also be easily managed with this app. The app offers the right solution for every range of application: health care, hotel industry, gastronomy or industry. Any Android smartphone or tablet can be used. There's no need to purchase expensive workstations or even provide maintenance for them.

Application area of the universal scanner app

  • Control of smaller production processes
  • Increased mobility by recording information within the company as well as at the customer's site
  • Execute external inventories

Advantages of the universal scanner app

  • Individually applicable
  • Perfect integration to TIKOS
  • Increased flexibility
  • Maximum possible accuracy
  • Latest technologies
  • Computer workstations are no longer required

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Manage your storage stocks and customer orders

With the texEasyPick app from SoCom you can easily manage your storage stocks and customer orders. With this app you can efficiently pick orders and above all: paperless! The stock is automatically reduced when supplying. Prioritisations are also immediately visible and can be considered at any time. If an order cannot be completed, for example because of missing articles, it can easily be put on hold with the help of this app and can be processed later on.

Simple control

At any time and directly on-site orders can be checked for completeness and correctness using your smartphone or tablet. All information for order picking are clearly listed for each order. You can track at any time, how many articles are contained in which container. Using this app it is also possible to link containers to a customer. The app is based on Android and features the high level of user-friendliness by numerous functions and settings that significantly simplifies order picking during the production process of a laundry. 

Application area of the order picking app

  • Order picking
  • Management of your storage and parking positions

Advantages of the order picking app

  • Paperless picking
  • Management of your storage and parking positions
  • High usability
  • Direct consideration of prioritisations
  • Linkage to RFID antennas/gates